Past few decades ago, no one ever wondered about the power of stem cells in skin healing and rejuvenation. The epic journey in discovering the hidden gem within living cells begin with a group of medical professionals, surgeons, tissue engineers and researchers, having inspired to create a solution to the untapped medical needs using human stem cells. Stem cells harness the potential to revive new, young, healthy cells. Dr Idzu, among the pioneer creator, was captivated to decipher its possibility in beauty. After many clinical trials to explore the power of stem cells in beauty - it leads to an epiphany of a lifetime - a patented pooling technology that extricates the miraculous Collagen Inducing Growth Factors, CIGF™️ concoction that curated in every bottle of our products.

This #scientificallybeautiful elixir brings what's the best science could offer to our consumer, Celllorian, boosting their cell renewal resulting in a sheer perfect complexion that everyone dreamed of.

DR. IDZU (Founder)